Feasibility Assessment

If your company’s long-term facility and real estate objectives aren’t fully developed, Summit Smith can help create a customized strategic real estate plan that’s thoroughly grounded in your unique market situation, capital capacity, and vision for the future. We can also validate your existing plan with an integrated, objective, fact based approach.

Summit Smith’s feasibility assessment process answers questions such as:

  • Your Market: Who are your referral sources and competition?  What is your service delivery plan?
  • Your Vision, Scale and Scope: Where do you need to be 10 years from now?
  • Your Operations Model: What are your goals for level of service and efficiency?
  • Your Technology: How “film-less”, wireless and paperless will you need to be?
  • Your Sites: How and where can you expand in your market, what sites are available and how do different sites impact cost?
  • Your Zoning, Regulatory and Entitlement Process: How will zoning and entitlement requirements impact site selection, cost and schedule?
  • Your Facility Plan: What facilities are needed and/or not needed to address market, vision and mission?
  • Your Budget: What are the total capital costs associated with implementing your facility plan?
  • Your Financial Issues: How much future capital do you need, and how do you access it and what ownership and financing option works best for your organization?
  • Your Workplan and Schedule: What tasks are required and what schedule is associated with implementing your facility plan?