Portage, WI- Hospital

Project Description

Prior to designing and constructing the facility, the Summit/Smith team conducted significant market research that included the analysis of current revenue, growth potential and future physician recruitment. Projections were developed for most likely, worst-case and best-case scenarios to ensure that the facility could accommodate best-case patient loads and remain profitable in a worst-case revenue environment. “Right-sizing” departments and the facility as a whole was critical to the ultimate success of the new hospital.

The Summit/Smith team assessed space and equipment needs on a department-by-department basis weighing physical space requirements, adjacency requirements, revenue and patient and visitor convenience. Particular emphasis was placed on providing convenient access to a broad range of outpatient services.

LocationPortage, WI
Size155,000 square feet
  • 52 Bed Hospital
  • 3 Stories
  • Out Patient Services
  • Emergencey Room
  • Critcal Care Services